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Why should I hire an Independent Educational Consultant?

A consultant can help bring a sense of calm and order to what can be a frenzied and stressful application process. With extensive formal training, multiple campus visits, and years of experience, I can help make this process a pleasurable one by helping the student sort through the components that are most important to them and thereby empower the student in their college journey. A focused approach can also save the family time and money.

How does the Independent Educational Consultant save me money?

By providing information on specific colleges that align with the student’s academic strengths and future goals, in addition to introducing schools which are a financial fit for the family. With identified target schools, the family does not spin their wheels visiting institutions that are not a match for the student. A four year, residential, university experience will likely cost between $120,000 – $200,000. It is not a decision that should be left to chance or be made with less than accurate information.

What is the difference between an Independent Educational Consultant and the High School Guidance Counselor?

Both have the interest of the student top of mind. For the High School Counselor their first priority is to the student body in organizing student schedules, coordinating annual testing, providing social counseling, addressing behavioral issues, and helping students who require assistance with basic needs. That leaves a limited amount of time available for college counseling during the school day, and only during the months when school is in session. While the student to counselor load varies at each high school, the average student to counselor ratio is 400 to 1.

As an Independent Educational Consultant my focus is exclusively on the college admissions process. I provide one-on-one, tailored attention to each client, year round. I am readily available via phone or email to answer any questions or concerns. A student and their family can be assured that the student will receive the personal attention they need to research, explore, and apply to their best fit institutions. My goal is to guide the student through this growth experience which will result in a decision that matches the student’s strengths and abilities.

My student would like to play sports in college, can you help?

I have experience in helping students find the ideal place for them to be academically successful and continue their sports passion.

My student would like to apply to an arts college, can you help?

Most definitely! I am familiar with the portfolio building requirements that allow a student to demonstrate their artistic strengths, as well as help the student find the institution that is a match for the arts career they are seeking.

When should we begin working with you?

Students can benefit from starting the process freshman year of high school. A focused, 4 year plan of academic scheduling, targeted extracurricular activities that support the students’ interests and passions, as well as determining the most appropriate community outreach opportunities, result in a strong college application. An early start also allows time for the student to learn more about themselves in terms of identifying a career field and subsequently a college major.

That being said, many students will seek support at some point during their Junior year. Wherever you are in the process College Discoveries can help.

How often will you meet with my student?

After an Initial Consultation with the parent(s) and student, we will establish a meeting schedule that best meets the needs of the student. Some students will need to start meeting with me weekly to begin researching careers and majors, or to begin researching colleges. Following those initial discoveries we will determine a schedule that helps the student stay on track and moving well in advance of targeted application deadlines.