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Initial Consultation

All contact with families starts with an initial consultation. During this one, to one and a half, hour meeting, the student transcript and test scores will be reviewed and a list of goals and objectives will be built based on the application needs of the student.  We will also discuss the schools the student has visited, or researched, to date; as well as introduce the family to the importance of financial fit and the financial aid opportunities for which they may be eligible.  Finally, a list describing the tasks to be accomplished will be created and a timetable for future meetings will be discussed. This consultation is a fee based service and payment is due at the time of the meeting.


Comprehensive Service Packages

A comprehensive service package is designed to help students with the college search, application, and decision making process.  Students will require assistance and support throughout the college application process with face-to-face meetings and communication.  Based on my experience, I have determined that a comprehensive package is an economical and efficient way to approach the project. Packages include extensive consultant research and report preparation specific to your students’ needs along with a reasonable number of client meetings, emails and phone calls.