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For Juniors and Seniors

For Juniors and Seniors

Junior and Senior Package


A comprehensive service package is designed to help high school Juniors and Seniors with the college search, application, and decision making process.  The goals are:  1) to develop a list of colleges and universities where the student will be academically successful and feel personally rewarded, 2) to guide the student in completing the college applications on time, and 3) to arrive at a final college decision.  The student’s academic qualifications, interests, and preferences will be carefully considered when performing the services.   Students will receive assistance and support throughout the college application process with face-to-face meetings and communication.

A few of the items in this package include but are not limited to:

  • Evaluate student’s learning style to assist in targeting best fit colleges
  • Summarize students’ strengths in identifying an intended major
  • Career/major research
  • Assist student in identification of characteristics of his/her “best college”
  • Development of a list of target schools that meet the students’ needs and academic abilities
  • Access to personalized online Student Portal to assist with application and essay organization
  • Provide direction and information as it pertains to financial aid opportunities
  • Assist student in academic résumé preparation
  • Provide direction as it pertains to Brag Packet development and requests for letters of recommendation
  • Application review and advice
  • Brainstorm essay topic ideas based on student’s experiences; review and provide feedback for the essay/personal statement
  • Facilitate decision making process among offers of acceptance